Almighty Beluga!

Running through the safari; cheetah pace. Wind burning, excessive inhales, weary legs towards the vast body of water ahead.  A cannonball dive into it. Splash! Into the deep sea environment; fishes all around. All of them coming towards me, as I swim past them and try to escape. Empowering them all and feeling like the biggest sea creature of them all. The water gets darker and darker, seems as if I’m swimming the opposite direction.
To find the exit or get lost in a sea.

Rough few weeks, mostly trying to find time to finish a lion artwork for a project; must explain the safari scene. Anyways, I’m afraid of being in water and definitely can’t swim, so the dream was nothing short of being surreal. It all makes sense though; only way to come out on top must be through the harshest obstacles life gives you. Anyways edited this old picture of a beluga whale, taken at the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut. Definitely don’t want to feel like a regular fish in the sea; instead should be bigger and stronger. Here’s the perfect song, by Pixies, to listen to for this artwork and dream: “Where Is My Mind


Lack of Sleep…

Due to the lack of sleep; dreams haven’t been fully developed.
Until today: 12hours of sleep time; finally!
Crazy dreams AGAIN.
Working on the picture at the moment….

Vandalism in A Dream


Late night, with high winds, sitting on the porch with a few friends. Suddenly a mechanical toy rat starts running around, behind it; my neighbor is chasing. Just like a cat and mouse chase like Tom and Jerry. Freaked out, we all go inside the house and I notice the door to the 2nd floor has free write graffiti all over. We all go in the first floor, and suddenly my friends all disappear into thin air as I close the door. Putting locks on the door, I realize the door isn’t even the same size as it’s frame; it slides out. Chairs and a sofa are stacked on the door to ensure no one comes in while I go to bed. Laying down on the floor and sleeping for a few hours, I suddenly get up to check if anyone attempted to break in, and realize the furniture isn’t there anymore. But the door is normal once again. Checking outside, the  free write graffiti door has been changed. Cleaned of all the free write, an artwork of Banksy is displayed; A BIG RAT!

Why so much imagery of rats lately? Not sure but at this point I’m starting to think this is symbolizing some kind of negativity. I do understand the mechanical toy rat running around and Banksy art. A day stuck at home due to Hurricane Sandy equaled a day full of looking at Banksy art online and watching his film, “Exit Through The Gift Shop.” Great documentary or mockumentary in several others opinions; but there is a shady character in the film, Thierry Guetta. Full of tricks and carrying a deceiving camera, Thierry cons the art world to cash in a successful life. Thierry Guetta is possibly why there’s so many rats in the dream. Alert level is to rise up and suspect of anyone being a “rat” anytime soon.

Ash Catches Another…

From: Shahbaz Khan;

“I own this mansion estate with concrete pathways and gargoyle statues. I am siting on a bench there and a girl who was Taylor Swift’s best friend comes and walks toward me . Tall white girl with brown hair, she had on a one piece dress with pink and orange flowers on it. We are sitting next to each other and she is playing with my hands, she tells me in a soft apologetic voice, that she doesn’t want to be with me anymore.

I say ‘ok’

I am cool with it I am not stressing about it because of my mansion and; my more and better fish in the sea mentality.
Next thing I know my friends and I were at Taylor Swift’s house for some reason. She is there just chilling with us and so is flower dress girl; she tells everyone that me and her are not together any more.

One of my friend (Sanjay) jumps up excited and screams

          ‘Yeeeaaaahhhhh she is gonna be with meeeee!’

She looks to him and says ‘No!’

She says, ‘I like Ash.’

I turn to see Ash Ketchum from Pokemon siting next to me giving a thumbs up.”

Seeing the Rat


Tumbleweeds rolling left and right; an empty Old West town. Suddenly a huge rat like animal pops up. Marching, lurking, stomping, gnawing, smashing, biting; destroying this town. Out of nowhere the civilians storm out, some fall, some crawl, some go out of sight running away from the destruction. Cowboys shoot but the creature is unaffected. They are thrown like rag dolls. Rat like creature turning a town to ruins; to the background music of “Walcott” … an action packed annihilation….

Waking up in confusion… with no words, but to add more minutes to the alarm in hope of a less crazier dream. I actually took a picture of “Scabby the Rat” on Monday, around Bryant Park. Not exactly the same as the dream rat, but close enough. “Walcott” by Vampire Weekend was my current last song syndrome the day before but the combination with this was just too bizarre. Used Photoshop to recreate a grainy frame of the wild wild dream.

A Painted Park


Running the streets, jumping on top of monkey bars, swinging all around. No one around but myself under a yellow toned dark sky. A blue handball escapes from my hand and rolls away; chasing it I find myself in a different neighborhood. It’s not mine but looks like one I know and visit often. Benches all around, but not a person in sight. The rain drops and drops all around and I awake…

With 3 hours  of sleep I had a somewhat relaxing sleep, unfortunately I woke up to rain; that i have to deal with on my way to work. Later that day, I visited a park near Woodside because it reminded me of the colorful park in my dream.